Record of awards


  1. Gustavo Quadra Vieira dos Santos
    ICPE2020 Young Researcher Award, 2020.11
    Analysis of the Machinability and Machining effects on Properties of Inconel 718 Additive Manufacturing Products

  2. Mayumi Kaneko
    財団法人マザック財団 2019年度優秀論文賞, 2020.5
    Development of Tool Shape Estimation Method Integrating Multidirectional Optical Measurement

  3. Yuki Saito
    財団法人マザック財団 2019年度優秀論文賞, 2020.5
    Development of Scanning Line Tool Path Generation Algorithm Using Boundary Position Information of Approximate Polyhedron of Complex Molds


  1. Hiromu Kitahara,
    財団法人マザック財団 2018年度優秀論文賞, 2019.5
    Accurate Tool Path Generation Method for Large-Scale Discrete Shapes